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Awards ceremony was awesome...check out the pics:
send me pics if you have more
big thanks to:
Ms. Yvette Neil, Kiwanis of Kendal/South-Dade President, for helping us this year and being so supportive
Ms. Pryanka Handa, former CRHS KEY CLUB Pres. and CRHS Valedictorian, for being our Keynote speaker
Mr. William Martin, our Lt. Gov., for his words and attendance
Parents, for attending and showing their support
My mom, for making the certificates and picking up the food and decorations
Diana Iglesias, for doing the lights and sound on such short notice
Krystal Lewis, for her tribute dance performance
Jaime Hinckson, for his awesome piano playing
The rest of our K-Family, for supporting us this year
Always in Service and Support,
Sarah M, your proud VP :-)
PS: you guys are the greatest!
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